4 Least Visited Countries in the World

san-marinoGlobal tourism is on the rise, thanks to millions of travelers making it across the world each year to popular destinations such as Paris, Barcelona or even London. However, there are other countries where very few travelers visit.

That said, here is a list of 4 least visited countries in the world:

#1: San Marino

San Marino features on this list because of how small it is – about 60 square kilometers in all. This is also why the number of visitors don’t amount to much. As for those who do visit, they get to enjoy the nine settlements of the country as well as visiting the castles located in the world’s oldest republic.

#2: Belarus

Considering the fact that it is called “Europe’s last dictatorship”, it is one of the least visited countries in Europe. Despite the political process, it is still very safe to visit. Apart from the capital Minsk, there aren’t very many tourist hotspots to visit.

#3: Liechtenstein

Located in the Alps between Switzerland and Austria, this country is only about 160 square kilometers. Some of the things to enjoy as a visitor is the castle, wineries and a car-free city center. Interestingly, tourists can not only visit but also rule the country for a night for about $70000 in all.

#4: Moldova

The reason why this country is so hard to get to is because it is wedged between Romania and the Ukraine. Even though it does have some fine wineries, there aren’t any tourist hot spots to visit. Finally, Transnistria, a de facto breakaway republic, that is causing trouble.