Basic safety rules for Kayaking

crystalseas1Written by Crystal Seas

As with any outdoor recreational activity, there is always the possibility of some form accident or mishap that results in injury. The chances of any such issues diminish greatly when following the safety rules set. Here are a few examples of the general safety rules and common sense that should be followed on your next Washington Kayak:

Always be aware of the weather conditions before going out. For colder weather, wear a wet suit or dry suit and be prepared for the possibility of capsizing. During warm weather tours, wear long-sleeved clothing to avoid sunburn. Be aware of off-shore winds, these can make it difficult to return to the shore.

Wear your personal flotation device always. This a coastguard requirement which requires that there is always a lifejacket on board. Wearing the life jacket will ensure that you keep your head above water, especially for extended periods of time.

Finally, always tell someone else your paddle plan. This should include all the details of the journey like where you are going, what you will be going, how long you will be gone along with who is in your party. Ask them to inform others of their plan. Then, make sure to stick to the plan and avoid any deviation.


Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime when you go kayaking San Juan.