How to Have the Best Dublin Vacation

Article written by Tokyo Travel Guide

Many people choose to get away by booking a Dublin vacation.Dublin is not only the capital of Ireland but it is also the most populated city in Ireland. The English name forDublin means” black pool.”Dublin sits close to the middle of the east coast of Ireland. Dublin was first founded by its early settlers, the Vikings. It eventually became the Kingdom of Dublin. Dublin saw a great expansion beginning in the 17th century.8irelanddunguariecastle-382011_horiz-large

Part of getting around the city is through car rental Ireland. An automobile rental company rents out vehicles for specific periods of time, which are generally short ranging from a couple of hours to three weeks. Car rental companies will rent their vehicles for a daily fee, unless the person wants it for a longer period of time in which they will be charged a discounted weekly rate. Auto rental companies normally cater to people who are in another city, state or country and need transportation or their vehicle is out of commission and they need a car to get around until their vehicle is fixed.

A vacation would not be complete without staying at a bed and breakfast Ireland. A bed and breakfast is a quaint lodging place that provides an overnight stay and breakfast each morning.  For the most part, bed and breakfast are usually owned by innkeepers and are private houses that have fewer than 12 bedrooms. Some bedrooms have a private bathroom where as others may have a shared bathroom in the hallway.