Diver Certification: Making it a Vacation

scuba-diving-phuket-with-aussie-diversArticle by Global Travel Tourism.

Scuba diving has become a huge part of my life these days. And I must say that I got my PADI certification in probably the best way possible. No, we didn’t use the swimming pool at the local college. I got certified in the crystal clear, blue waters off of the Cayman Islands. Allow me to explain.

In meeting my fiancee, one of things I discovered about her was her love for Scuba Diving. One of her proudest photos was of her in full gear leaning against her car rental in Grand Cayman. She then went on to described how much she loved this paradise and everything it had to offer. And yes, I became entranced with the idea of visiting this place and joining my fiancée during her dives. And when the time finally came for us to be married, I insisted that our honeymoon take place on Grand Cayman, of which she was more than happy to do.

After the flight, first class of course since we were on our honeymoon, and stopping by to grab our cayman car rental, our adventure began. First destination was her friend’s house on the island, a dive master who was more than happy to help me get my diver’s certification. Okay, I will admit that reading and studying on one’s honeymoon may not sound like a great deal of fun. But the truth was, I was more than happy to do it so I could join my new wife in exploring the underwater wonders she was anxiously waiting to share with me. And the studying really wasn’t that difficult. It was obvious that the comprehension of these facts were necessary so our dives would be safe and worry free.

After the quick written test the next day, which I thankfully passed by the way, the water training began. It isn’t to say that it wasn’t challenging. It was. But it was definitely worth it. And to be honest, there was a moment of walking through fear when I had a brief bout of claustrophobia. However, our dive master was able to calm my down and get me back under the water. And I can say that I’m very grateful he did.

Within five days, my certification was complete. And my wife did take me to some of the most amazing sights I’ve ever witnessed. We took an odyssey through ship wreckage. I was covered by dozens of sting rays, which may sound frightening but was actually quite a bit of fun, and got to witness one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen, the Great Wall.

We’re booked again this year, yet another of our yearly honeymoons. Our adventure continues.