How to get cheap rental car deals in the UAE

rollsroycedubaicroppedBy Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC

Car rentals in the UAE can be expensive. To ensure you receive a cheap car rental in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and UAE, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Compare prices – Do this by visiting websites on car rentals in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE. You can start with the larger car rental companies and work your way down. Keep an eye out for deals at affordable prices.
  2. Choose a compact vehicle – Usually the most compact vehicle is the cheapest option to rent. You will have to be flexible to rent whatever model is the most discounted.
  3. Credit card offers – Find out if the credit card providers you own offer discounts on rentals. Sometimes these discounts can go upto 30%.
  4. Hire your rental for the whole week – Although you may only need a vehicle for the weekend, sometimes weekday rates are a lot cheaper. By renting for the entire week, you could save on the one off taxi and the hassle of using public transport.
  5. Book a package – If you’re using a travel agent to book your flight and hotel stay, ask them if you could include a car rental.
  6. Avoid the upsell – Keep in mind the type of vehicle that suits your travel and personal needs and stick to selecting a model that suits these needs. Avoid opting for a flashy car that would eat into your travel budget.