Why Hiring a Car in the UAE is a Good Decision

Written by: Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC

You should hire a driver if you plan to visit the UAE.

The UAE is a beautiful place to holiday, but it also has rules of the road that might be hard for foreigners to grasp. That’s where a car hire in Abu Dhabi can come in handy. Hiring a driver might sound like an expensive luxury, but it’s very affordable and a good measure to take if you want to stay safe and get the most out of your trip. Here are a few reasons why it might be better to book your car rental with a driver.

Safety First

When you rent a car in Abu Dhabi, you’ll have to contend with the roads. Everything is kept in great condition, but other drivers can be erratic and unpredictable. If you’re the type to tense up while driving, then a car hire is really the only way to go and keep your sanity. Those more proficient in driving might want to save the cash, but there are other reason to hire a driver too.

Explore the City

When you touch down, you’ll need to figure out where you’re staying and navigate from the airport. All of that is a hassle, which is why you should book a car rental at Abu Dhabi International airport in Abu Dhabi. Your driver can pick you up at the terminal, and will take you directly to your door.  After you’re settled, you and your driver can take in the night life as he takes you on a tour of the UAE.