How to Pack for your Cruise

packingtipssuitcasehalffull-4272012-105556_panoramicIf this is the first time you are going on a cruise, you may think that packing for it is much like packing for any other trip. But this is not entirely true, so here are a few tips that may help you to be better prepared for any event that you encounter.

  • Pack lightly but not too lightly. Avoid buying things while on the cruise; whatever items you buy on the cruise will be sold at high prices because of the premiums attached to them.
  • Cruise’s have a couple of different modes – formal, casual or even both. Knowing this is important because a formal cruise indicates that you need to dress up in formal clothes for certain events (like Dinner) that you will encounter during the days of the cruise. However, the definition of “formal” on cruise is more like wearing a decent suit or a nice cocktail dress, so it does not represent too much of a hassle. If you wish to avoid formal events you can always request for alternative dinner times or even have it delivered to your room.
  • Pack lightweight, combinable and easy to maintain clothes (e.g. Jeans). This will allow you to have fewer items in your baggage and still let you have many different looks.
  • Do your laundry using the self-service facilities available while you are on board. This is another thing that will let you enjoy the cruise with fewer items to lug around. Following the previous tip will be especially useful in this instance.
  • Find out about the conditions that you will encounter during the cruise. If you don’t ned the heavy winter clothing, don’t pack it.
  • You should also find out if the cruise has any restrictions on certain items being brought aboard (e.g. Alcohol).