Packing For a Holiday: What Not to Forget

fp2We’re often stressed and in a hurry when packing for a holiday! It can be a real nightmare! Writing a list of items you will need can make things much easier. There are certain items that you definitely do not want to forget when packing for a holiday.

Don’t forget to pack proper clothing! Clothing should be appropriate for the climate, season, and customs of the area you are traveling in. In more conservative countries, you may not be allowed into churches or other tourist spots if not dressed properly.

Don’t forget prescription medications when traveling. They can be difficult, and in some cases, impossible to replace while in an unfamiliar locale. Also, carry a copy of the prescription(s) with you in case the medication is lost during travel.

Don’t forget to pack plane/train tickets and your passport (if needed). You’ll also want to remember to being along any hotel confirmations and maps that you may need for the holiday.

Don’t forget to pack money and a couple of credit or debit cards. You won’t get far if you don’t have a source of payment. It is wise to take 2 credit or debit cards in case one is lost, damaged, or eaten by the ATM machine.

Don’t forget to pack your insurance information. You’ll need proof of car insurance if driving to your destination. People often forget to pack health insurance information. On the off chance that there is an accident, you will need your insurance card(s) and phone numbers or email addresses of your physician and/or a family member.

Forgetting to pack items for your holiday can ruin your trip. Make it easier on yourself and prepare a list in advance. Check off items as you pack. All that is left is to relax and enjoy your holiday!