Perfect gear for your kayaking trip

Kayaking can be a highly adventurous trip, especially if you do not meet with any kind of accident. It is extremely important that you are appropriately dressed up for your kayak vacation.

Clothing for kayaking has similar requirements to any other outdoor activities like hiking. You are looking for versatility, durability, comfort while you move and protection for both cold and wet conditions. According to Crystal Seas, you need to have the following gear before going for kayaking:

Quick-drying nylon or polyester and other synthetic fabric are the most suitable. Wool is another option as it dries less quickly but insulates when wet. Try to avoid cotton in all layers, because it absorbs water and stays wet.

Abrasion-resistant fabrics are also quite suitable for kayaking as they can withstand the wear and tear.

You need to keep in mind that you will be exposed to the UV radiation during kayaking. Therefore, always choose clothing with UPF rated fabrics.

It is always a great option to consider the strategy of layering. Dressing in layers not only allows you to add clothes but you can remove these layers as temperatures changes. Try to avoid things that tend to cling, like your yoga pants. In some cases, it is better that you bring a fleece jacket or a rainwear.

You should just keep in mind that kayaking can be a whole lot more fun in comfortable clothing. Therefore, plan your next kayaking trip by following these helpful tips.