Pure Decadence at the Angelina Tea House

Article submitted by Cécile Zarokian

The Tearoom is popular both among locals and tourists so don’t be intimidated if there’s a long line outside. Most aren’t there for a meal but to try the world-renowned Angelina Hot Chocolate and the indescribable luxury that is the Mont-Blanc. That means most guests, especially the tourists, won’t take too long. The queue moves quickly, and the overall dining experience is definitely worth the wait.

The hot chocolate and the Mont-blanc are staples that you need to experience at least once if you ever find yourself in Paris. The hot chocolate is divine! It’s made of three varieties of African cacao that’s carefully selected from Niger, Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire. You thought Belgium had the best hot chocolate? Wait until you’ve tried this one at the Angelina Tearoom. It’s so thick, rich, and creamy that people say it’s almost like a warm pudding in a cup. Add a dollop of the fresh whipped cream that’s served on the side, and you have yourself a taste of heaven.

The truly sublime Angelina Tea House experience doesn’t end there. One taste of the Mont-Blanc and you’ll understand why the recipe has been closely guarded for over a century. It is made of a delectable meringue base which is covered by delicate Chantilly and topped with stringed chestnut cream. The Mont-Blanc is art on a plate! There’s a reason why they sell over six hundred pieces of these per day in the Tearoom alone. Having this extraordinary pastry paired with the decadent hot chocolate and complemented by the luxurious ambiance, your Angelina Tearoom experience will be one of your most unforgettable in Paris.