The best massage therapies in Asia

Asians are known for their rich heritage, culture, and spirituality. Traditional massage therapy in Asia takes several of its cues from that heritage. Modern Asian massage caters to the needs of today’s travelers but is no less effective than its traditional counterparts. Here are some massage techniques found in Asia:


What we refer to as Thai massage is a combination of several techniques. The process places its focus on stress relief and reduction, combining acupressure techniques, reflexology and aromatherapy. There is a lot on offer, and some of the options include wraps, scrubs, and stretches.


Turkey is unique in that the country belongs to both Europe and Asia. However, its massage and bath techniques bear the hallmarks of its Asian connections. The traditional Turkish steam massage rejuvenates and relaxes the body with options for clay or oil massages.


You will never find a list of massage destinations in Asia that omit Indonesia. Much like Thai massage, Balinese massage therapy includes reflexology, acupressure, and calming firm massage movements and is a popular destination for honeymooners and couples.


The state of Kerala is home to some of the best Ayurveda and natural medical treatments in India. Massage therapy here unsurprisingly includes yoga, aromatherapy, and oils. The spa’s in the state frown on the use of artificial ingredients and prefers the use of natural and organic products.

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