The Best Time Of The Year To Travel To Jordan

There and many pros and cons no matter what time of year you plan on traveling to Jordan, but knowing a few of them can be a huge help when it comes to preparing and packing for your trip.

Jordan has a variety of climates in different parts of it, but it Amman it stays around 50degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and can get up to 90 degrees in the winter. In other parts of Jordan, however, it can get as low as 38 degrees in the winter, but these have a lower summer temperature as well.

While this might make it seem like winter is the better time of year to visit, winter is also the rainy season. This means that the best times of year in term of temperature and weather are most likely the spring and fall.

Traveling outside of peak tourist season can also make sense if you are using a car rental company such as Monte Carlo Rent A Car, since they will have more vehicles available. Moreover, there will be fewer lines in the airport and, if using a rent a car in Amman Airport service, this will also make it easier to find your vehicle when you arrive.

The Wadi Rum, Jordan’s top national park, will let you spend the night out under the stars and has great views, but can be too cold if it is close to winter. All in all, spring and fall are best when travelling to Jordan.