The different types of kayaking activities

For many, Kayaking is a low impact fun past time, whether you are kayaking San Juans or going out for a quiet paddle. Padding a small craft like a kayak across the water can be meditative and fun at the same time, which is why is it is growing in popularity as a past time. However, there is a lot more to kayaking, and here are some examples of the different types of activities according to Crystal Seas:

Flatwater kayaking – When most people imagine kayaking, this is what they picture. Even most photographs of kayaking are on flatwater. It is also one of the most popular because of the calm paddle along beautiful scenery. Even ocean kayaking can involve flatwater.

Sea kayaking – This is when you paddle in the sea. Sea kayaking is probably the one form of kayaking that is growing in popularity the most. Although sea kayaking does include flatwater, often kayakers will go further out to see.

Sailing with a kayak – Sailing with a kayak is not the most popular past time, and involves attaching a sail to kayak.

Sprint racing – Here two or more kayakers engage in a short print race across calm waters.

Ocean racing – Much like spring racing but for much longer distances over a whitewater ocean. Unlike sprint racing, the longer distances and the ocean require a much higher level of skill and fitness. Often, there will be support crews around to help in the event of any incidents.