Things to Pack for Your Holiday to the San Juan Island

Running away for a fortnight or a full summer holiday at the seashore requires a plan especially when we are talking about the San Juan Islands. From watching the sunset torchlight parade on Lopez to a memorable cup of hot cider treat at your San Juan Island house rental, a useful checklist will ensure that you arrive with everything you need for a fun-filled holiday. If you do not have some of these items, you can quickly pick up whatever you are missing when you get there.

What to pack

According to San Juan PM, before you board the ferry, you must understand that you need to pack for the varying conditions. Bring items for the hot sun and the 10-degree drop for activities like kayaking. No matter what the forecast, bring an extra sweater and the following, all tucked in a dry back bag.

Rain jacket or a windbreaker



Extra camera batteries



Water bottle (not glass)

Lightweight top and shorts

Lightweight flat shoes, aqua socks or old sneakers

In true island style, you mostly need casual wear and jeans for a more formal occasion or location. If you are planning to kayak, waterproof pants are necessary. If you are on the island, stick to sandals on warm weather and wetsuit booties on cold conditions.