Tips for Coordinating a Travel Soccer League

travel-soccer-leagueA travel soccer league is the first true test of your child’s soccer skills. Expect competition to be fierce, and expect to travel a lot as your team attempts to rise through the league. As a parent, coach or player, you’ll need to be able to coordinate that travel. That means establishing meeting times, boarding an airport shuttle with the team and sticking together. These tips are designed for everyone to help make travel a bit easier, and certainly less expensive.

Booking Transportation

The league will provide you with a schedule of games, at which time you can begin prepping for away games. First, plan everything out on a calendar, including which cities you’ll need to travel to. If possible, make note of the miles you’ll travel too. That will help when it comes time to charter a bus.

Next, gather all the quotes you can for a shuttle bus to games that are in your state or not too far from your locale. If you have an airplane mileage card, this is the time to consider using it as you arrange flights.


Parents will be expected to shoulder some of the travel burden, but the team can fundraise to cover some of the costs. Car washes, bake sales and other heartfelt promotions will help raise money for your team and create more community awareness.


For away games, parents also have the option of carpooling. As the coach, you should encourage that and provide an outlet for parents to meet up. Pizza parlors after games provide an excellent place to meet, but you can circulate a monthly email to all parents just as easily.

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