Top eight kayaking health benefits

If you are looking at enjoying a Washington Kayak tour, apart from experiencing something different, you may be surprised to learn that kayaking has many health benefits.

Weight loss – If you want to move the kayak at least by 5mph, you will require at least 0.1hp of effort, which means that you will burn 400 calories per hour and 1600 on a four-hour paddling tour.

Reduces stress – Just enjoying the water and watching the boat move will instantly relax anyone. Look at choosing a new route every month to give your mind and body change of scenery.

Upper body workout – Kayaking will use every muscle in your upper body. Look at warming up your entire body to ensure that your muscles are ready for many hours of upper body movement.

Mental health – Paddling a kayak will give you an aerobic workout that will reduce depression, stress and improve your mood.

Community – Kayaking is suitable for every level of fitness, and this provides the whole family a chance to be part of a new experience together.

Great source of vitamin D – More time spent outdoors will help to boost your vitamin D levels and help to keep you energized for months to come.

Builds positive self-image – Overcoming challenges like water rapids, or paddling for long distances is a great way to build your confidence and self-image.

Core strengthening – Since kayaking uses your upper body, most of your core will have to work to balance and control your movement.

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