Top gelato shops in Florence

Written by Gelato Products

Florence is a great place to taste test gelato, as there are so many good gelato shops in this city. With so many options, here are some of the best gelato stores in Florence.

Gelateria La Carraia – This store offers super creamy gelato at affordable prices. Start off with a € 2,50 cone with the Delizia Carrara, which has lots of pieces of white chocolate, plus a pistachio sauce. Other popular options include coffee and a mousse tiramisu, which are airy and flavorful.

Carapina – This small store, which opened a few years ago, is in the middle of the historical center. They offer freshly made gelato with only fresh, seasonal fruit, whole fresh milk, quality chocolate, and coffee. Their ingredients are of the highest quality, which makes for sensational gelato. This store also serves their desserts in custom printed cups that are definitely a keepsake.

Badiani – This pastry/ice cream shop is located close to the city stadium. They are famous for their “Buontalenti”, which is a flavor created by the 15th-century Florentine architect who invested ice cream. This gelato is a lot like condensed milk but is super light.

Perche No? – This store has been making homemade gelato since 1939 and has many vegan and soy options for the health conscious. One of their signature flavors is their coffee crunch and creamy milk-based gelato, which is served in style with colored plastic spoons. These are sweetened with honey and sesame seeds, which is unusual for gelato yet tastes divine.


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