Top Places to Visit on Grand Cayman

A perfect alternative to the Caribbean Islands, Grand Cayman is the largest island out of the three Cayman Islands. Enjoy the many scuba-diving spots around the island as well as first-class cuisine that will leave you wanting more. English is well-spoken on this island so when it comes to communicating with the locals, there shouldn’t be much of a hassle. For a more open experience, look into the many car rentals in Grand Cayman.

Seven Mile Beach

This is the main beach on Grand Cayman. Lined with luxury resorts and amazing restaurants, it’s one of the first places that you should visit on your vacation. Dwell on the beach to soak in the sun or prepare your own meal on the beach, there are countless activities that you can take a part in. Be sure to try out the Conch fritters. You won’t regret it.

Scuba Diving

There are very few destinations that offer a diving experience much like Grand Cayman does. Diving operators can be found throughout the island and are more than welcoming when it comes to newbie divers. Both experienced and amateur divers make this island a must when it comes to diving. Be sure to check out the other smaller islands if you’re looking to maximize your scuba diving experience. The great thing about the Cayman Islands is that each of the islands offers something different in regards to diving. No one experience will be the same as the last.


A town called “Hell” is one of the main attractions on Grand Cayman. Why it’s called “Hell” leaves much to be desired. There is no actual consensus but some believe it’s because of the town’s abundant black limestone formations around the area. Take the time to visit their mini-post office to send a letter back to your folks or even back to your house to have a postmark stamped with “Hell”. Because this town is relatively small, but worth checking out, you might want to rent a car on Grand Cayman for a more flexible experience.

Stingray City

Stingray city is a unique experience that the whole family will love. Take a short boat trip out to the sandbar to wade waist-deep in the waters with numerous stingrays. You’ll be given some squids that you can feed them with. Kids will love the interaction and the freedom that you have with the stingrays. Gentle creatures at heart, this is one experience that you don’t want to miss.
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