Two Reasons an Airport Shuttle is Better than a Taxi

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If you’re trying to get to LAX, whether solo or in a large group, you usually have two options: the charter bus and a taxi. Uber/Lyft have their advantages, so do taxis, but taking a bus to the airport completely outclasses them when it comes to arrival times and comfort along the way. Here are three reasons why those who leave LAX on a routine basis prefer to use a bus.

Less Expensive

Taxis, and tlaxhe companies that manage them, use surge pricing to determine what you pay for a ride. That means, if your arrival time coincides with high price surge hours you can either wait or pay what is essentially a tax on trying to get to where you’re going. A shuttle bus service will quote you one price ahead of time and keep that price.

Better Storage Options

An airport shuttle has built in storage options in the hull of the bus, so all of your luggage fits safely and securely and you have more leg room. In a taxi, if you’re carrying more than what will fit in the trunk then it’s going in the car with you. If you’re planning an international flight, you could end up in pretty cramped quarters.

More Options

A shuttle bus is contracted ahead of time to do what you need, so you can step off the plane and go directly to an important meeting or have your entire group meet at the hotel with everyone’s luggage safely intact.

Pacific Coachways offers airport bus service to LAX, and important landmarks around Los Angeles.