What Should You Do If Your Rental Car is Acting Up?

Summary: Nothing’s worse than running into a variety of problems with a rented car, especially when you know there could be big fines coming your way.


One of the biggest fears most travelers have with rental cars either has to do with it being damaged during the trip or breaking down in the middle of the road.


Here are some scenarios that’ll give you insight into what one should do if a situation were to happen.


The Rental Car is Experiencing Minor Problems


So, you’ve decided to pass on that luxurious car with a driver in Amman Jordan and instead opt to take the traditional route and rent a car. However, your car is suddenly experiencing mechanical problems and starts making loud noises. What do you do?


First off, contact the car rental company that you got the car from, say Monte Carlo Rent a Car, LLC for example, and let them know immediately that you’re experiencing a problem. Remember, your contract requires you to inform them if any issue were to occur. If your car is still in working condition, you’ll probably be directed to the nearest office, so you can trade it in for a new car.


The Rental Car is Experiencing Major Problems


If your car starts experiencing major system failure and refuses to start, call for help and wait for assistance to arrive. Try your best to take the vehicle to a safe place – only if the situation allows for it. But, do not continue driving even if you do manage to start it up again. Call the rental company and inform them what your surroundings are like. It’s important to note that if you do not feel safe where you’re at, let them know. The car rental company should take action to make you feel safer.


You can also ask for authorization to have your car towed to a local mechanic for repair. Be sure to write down the name of the individual that authorized you and save any documentation related to the repair so you can be reimbursed after returning the car.